Notices for 04-10 February 2018


All groups are back on at their usual times and dates this week.


We have been wanting to transition from being led by a council, to being administered by a council and led by an eldership. We started this process about five years ago by appointing Lee as an elder to minister among us. And it has been our prayerful aim, when God provides, to have a plurality of elders leading BCC forwards.

For the time being, in the absence of additional elders, and in my role as a deacon, I (John McGrath) have been able to provide some of that plurality of leadership (together with Dave Burgess and Mark Dartnell, who, as you know, have since returned to the US and Canada). But, we have wanted to keep our eyes open for other potential elders.

Many of you will know James Meiring. James and Ruth have been with us, and serving among us, for over a year now. They have been a great encouragement to many. And, as a leadership team, we have been considering if it might be a good idea to appoint James as a second elder for BCC, in a part-time, unpaid capacity.

The aim, today, is for us to initiate the selection process, as a church together, before meeting again to make some decisions, about this and other leadership matters, around the turn of the year.

The bible tells us that elders need to have the right convictions, character and competence, and they also need to be acceptable to the congregation. So, over the next few months, as a congregation, we’re going to take a closer look at God’s teaching on elders:

– Myles MacBean will be preaching through the Book of Titus, and the requirements for elders, in October
– When Lee returns from annual leave, in December, he will be taking us through 2 Timothy

This will help guide our thoughts and prayers, as a church, as we consider appointing elders and deacons, both now and in the future.

Please do feel free to feedback to Lee and myself at any time on these issues.

In the meantime, we’re in the process of widening the BCC staff team by appointing some ministry assistants.

I am very pleased to be able to announce that Shera Moyer will be joining the staff team, as a pastoral apprentice, with immediate effect.

So let’s pray now for God’s wisdom and blessing, as we seek to become more biblical and effective in everything we do.